Catalogue No. 12
Portrait of Mrs Elizabeth Temple As a Child

Artist: Kauffmann, Angelica, RA
Portrait of Mrs Elizabeth Temple As a Child

Oil on Canvas 24¾ x 20½ ins

Collection Details
By descent to Miss Sulivan, niece of 3rd Lord Palmerston; thence to her niece, Lady Violet Henderson, mother of the 2nd Lord Faringdon.


Background Details

This is almost certainly the portrait described by Angelica Kauffmann in her memorandum of paintings (published by Lady Victoria Manners and G C Williamson, Angelica Kauffmann, London 1924, p. 163) in the following words: Rome 1793.  For Lord Palmerston, English, the half length life size portrait of a little girl about three years old, the daughter of the above Lord – painted on canvas; 2 spans 10 by 2 spans 4–40 Zecchini paid for through Mr Jenkins. 17th August.  Palmerston’s accounts record a payment to Mr Day ‘for copy of Elizabeth picture’ in May 1794.
The 2nd Lord Palmerston was in Rome in 1792.  His second marriage, to Mary Mee, took place in 1783.  Elizabeth, the daughter of this marriage, who is likely to be the child depicted here, married Laurence Sulivan of Ponsbourne Park, Hertfordshire, and died in 1837.  She was the sister of the Prime Minister.