Catalogue No. 26
The Fall of Troy

Artist: Heil, Daniel van (Attributed To)
The Fall of Troy

Oil on Panel (oak) 13 x 21½ ins

Collection Details
According to a label on the back, Miss Sulivan (who married the 12th Earl of Carnwath); by descent to Lady Violet Dalzell, daughter of the 14th Earl and mother of the 2nd Lord Faringdon.

Conflagration scenes by night were painted by Jan Brueghel the Elder and his school (eg, Schoubroeck).  The present painting, which is reminiscent of the Valkenborch family of artists, may depend on the picture by Brueghel in the Alte Pinakothek, Munich (repd in catalogue, Deutsche und Niederländische Malerei zwischen Renaissance und Barock, 1961, p. 66, No. 832) of which a number of variants and copies exist.  The buildings of Rome generally featured in such pictures.  The story is here identified by the Trojan Horse in the background, and in the foreground the escaping figures of Aeneas bearing Anchises on his back, with Ascanius at his side.